vCard Global Affiliate Business Opportunity has now launched! This revolutionary opportunity and mobile business app is perfect for one who is looking for a simple program and business tool that will appeal to the masses. You owe it to yourself to check this out.

vCard Global is here!

Imagine you want to keep your members, customers, subscribers, parishioners, prospects, up-to-date on anything your business is doing or your organization is doing, special meetings, specials sales not available to the general public. Forget the old fashioned way on introducing your business by exchanging worthless business cards. vCard Global is the world’s smartest business card that virtually allows a person or business to share their information with friends and clients on one digital vCard. In today’s world, people want to save time and money; this card allows you to do so. By having a vCard, your information is one simple click away. No need to open up other browsers for emails, websites, social media, or advertisements. Changing your information requires only one click.Use technology – it makes the world so much simpler and efficient. Our new vCard mobile app does just that.

Now imagine being a part of this trillion dollar industry opportunity that will provide you all the benefits you need while earning you a substantial income at the same time.

It Doesn’t Matter What Kind Of Business You Have, Or What Your Marketing Budget Is! You Can Easily And Instantly Benefit From Providing Your Customers And Prospects With A True Downloadable vCard Global App They Carry On Their Smartphone At All Times!

You can spend hours (maybe days!) trying to figure out what our competitors do…

We explain it all here. In simple non-geek speak!

vCard Global News

vCard Global News

Think of our vCard Global Smart Business Card app as a world-wide Mobile Marketing tool. But it’s also a customer retention tool. And it is a communication method that beats the socks off email marketing… every time!

Use your vCard Global app to provide up to date information to your customers. Change your app’s content whenever you wish. Use it to offer monthly, weekly, or even daily specials. Send out notifications whenever you like to push traffic back to your app or website or storefront!

Want to update content on your app? Just log in to your web based account, type in some text and submit! Even easily add graphics and photos — or audio messages, or even VIDEOS that play right inside your app. Your app is instantly updated on all your users’ phones! NO web design experience is required!

It’s an amazing product. And we are the only company in the world that does what we do! We are taking the net by storm and you need to be in on this, don’t get left behind. Click Here to see my vCard Global Business Mobile App.  Click Here to see many other demos of apps in different industries.

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It’s a brand new very simple affiliate business model.  Here is a brief overview of our program.

There is No Selling involved with vCard Global…we are a product-driven company!

The bottom line is that vCard Global has a great product that people need in today’s online world and it’s FREE! It is our job to give you the best support along with cutting edge marketing techniques to help you become another vCard Global Success Story!

vCard Global News

This Opportunity is HERE.

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