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Trillions are spent each year on advertising. The internet is the world's biggest technological tool today, and an unmatched advertising and communication force.  The Yellow Pages advertising concept is a multi-billion dollar business, and we represent the evolution of this concept from the printed page to the digital age.  Yellow Pages is an advertising business model which has already spread all over the world.  The Internet is the most powerful means of communication in history.  AiYellow joins these two concepts.  AiYellow is a business and professional information guide where companies, businesses and professionals place their ads.

Why is it so important to be on the Internet?

Internet is the world’s biggest technological tool today, and an unmatched advertising and communication force.

12 Reasons to publish in AiYellow

1.  95% of consumers already know the concept of Yellow Pages.

2.  Internet can simplify the search and provide information any time and anywhere.

3.  Get new clients on line, without having your own web page.

4.  Purchase and configuration of our ads is very simple and quick.

5.  Our site is ranked among the 3000 most visited sites worldwide (Alexa).

6.  We make sure our clients reach you by providing the most appropriate marketing strategies for your business.

7.  Our ads are optimized to be indexed by the biggest search engines.

8.  We help your business to be found by those who are searching and willing to buy, whenever and wherever they are searching.

9.  We offer far reaching advertising at a low cost.

10. We offer a cutting-edge servers platform to guarantee a quick response.

11. We offer optimum performance for those who want to lead the search among competitors.

12. The most complete online ad in the market. (Example)

AiYellow, your gateway to Internet advertising.
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