Florida Fundraising Can Be Fun with Trunited


Major Brands Pay You & Your Florida Organization for Your Loyalty & Buying Power.

Shop. Share. Earn. FREE to Join!


Preview these Key Points for TRUNITED FUND RAISING

*The free Trunited membership helps raise funds and it’s 100% free to take part in and enjoy the benefits.

*You only buy things that you are already buying: no fees, minimums, and/or monthly requirements, etc.

*You won’t be promoting any one specific company, just offering a free savings plan to your members.

Members receive a personal benefit in addition to contributing to and assisting the organization (they earn points on their own purchases and additional rebates on any free memberships they refer to others). The organization receives A DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR match! Some of organization member’s won’t give away a single free membership, which is fine; others will give way 50, 100, or even more and really enjoy it.

This plan does not interfere in any way with any current organizational fundraising efforts or programs.

It is our vision to empower each Florida Fundraising school, church and any charity organization to embrace this amazing socialized commerce program, using its benefits to make real change in their efforts. All Florida fundraising organizations can use this phenomenal FREE fundraiser to enhance their cause. Churches, schools and other 501(c)(3) entities everywhere are expressing interest and deserve to know about these benefits. If you take the time to sharing this concept with them, you are not only helping them as well but you will also be connected permanently to their production and receive an override credit on all of their purchases as well. This can grow into an unparalleled residual fundraising effort. Spread the news and you & your organization will reap the benefits for many years to come. It’s easy to get started! Just create you FREE Account, Connect your Organization, Log In and Shop. Then show and encourage others how to Shop-Share-Earn via Socialized Commerce.