Engage & Acquire Customers with Bluetooth Proximity Marketing

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing is Engaging!

New Bluetooth Proximity MarketingEngaging and acquiring new customers in today’s marketplace with all the offers and noise is becoming harder and harder. The way we as business owners market our goods and services must change as well if we intend on staying relevant in today’s fast paced environment. What worked 20 years ago doesn’t hold a candle to what savvy business owners and marketers of today do to drive new prospects and sales.

Did you know that expensive road signs get very little attention nowadays because most passengers are staring at a mobile device instead of gazing at the passing vCard Global Digital Business Cardscenery. Most drivers aren’t even looking at them either, to quote Vayner Media’s owner, Gary Vaynerchuk “$hit man, they’re not looking at billboards, they’re not even looking at the f@#king road!”

SO what is the first thing we do when a commercial comes on our TV, if you’re not blessed to own a DVR? Most people scoop up their smartphone and check email, Instagram or Facebook. Outside of a 60 second spot during the Super Bowl, no one’s watching your Campbell’s Soup commercial bro. So smart marketers rule out advertising on the boob tube too.

Let’s talk printed media… I’m 55 and haven’t had a newspaper subscription in years.  I rarely buy a newspaper at a stand. Magazines? Forget it. I cannot recall the last time I marched to the mailbox excited for my latest issue of Popular Mechanics Magazine.

As more new cars are coming equipped with Bluetooth connectivity allowing drivers to listen to their iPods or commercial free subscription services like Spotify, advertising on the airwaves of AM and FM stations is so 2002.

Sadly, radio ads are becoming the old way of spreading the word too.

Yes, the old guard is dying.

A new exciting concept of marketing and customer acquisition has emerged. Until recently one of the fastest ways you could reach people geographically was to run a geo-targeted Facebook or Instagram ad to get the word out about your product or service. That’s still a dynamite way of getting eyeballs on your offer but there’s this new technology on the block that’s exploding in popularity.

This new technology is Bluetooth Proximity Marketing. In essence these small little devices, no larger than a silver dollar, will allow users to send a custom 40-50 character notification with a clickable-link to any Android user with Bluetooth enabled within 100 meters.

The notification can be removed by clicking the link, swiping it away or as the Android user leaves the beacon’s 100 yard range the notification disappears.

Pretty cool huh?

It’s a digital marketing revolution and only the bold and fast movers will survive. Some have fought their last battle, closed the doors for good and settled for more stable forms of income by working for others that have it figured out. (For now at least)

Android has a 60% market share in the smartphone category in North America and as times passes more and more people have their Bluetooth enabled. More and more people are listening to wireless headphones while lounging in the park, exercising, conducting phone calls and playing their music through car audio systems than ever before.

I want you to win in the future and the early adopters always seem to reap the biggest rewards of any new technology. I’m hard pressed to think of a business that can’t use one of these notification devices but below you’ll find a list of businesses and Bluetooth Marketing strategies for each of them.

I want you to have all the details of this new exciting customer engagement and acquisition technology using bluetooth proximity. I have prepared a free report “Marketing In The Year We Live In & Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Strategies” and want you be the first to receive it at no charge.  Just click the image below to download this valuable report.

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