New Buyezee Global eCommerce Shopping Search Engine

Build a ecommerce companyAnyone looking online for the very best price for products and services worldwide now has a global search engine that makes this task easy, fun, saving money & time. This new eCommerce platform is called Buyezee. Buyezee also makes it possible for you to start your own online eCommerce without all the problems, time and expense. This new global eCommerce concept makes it possible to own your own business, be successful and earn money from the comfort from your home or office.

Nowadays, before consumers make a purchasing decision, they research on the Internet. The new search engine Buyezee is a “Google for shopping” and delivers exactly what prospects are looking for. The e-commerce platform distributes hundreds of millions of products from leading manufacturers, representing tens of thousands of retailers worldwide. The Buyezee software helps customers to find products and services at an unbeatable price. And everyone who buys a Buyezee license, can operate worldwide.

Buyezee was founded in 2014 in Delaware and set its focus on online consumers looking for products and services around the world at the best price. Behind the young company is a licensed shop owner revenue share program that not just builds customer trust, but also creates earning potential. Buyezee has currently shop systems for eleven countries, it can, however, be used from everywhere in the world. The company plans to open up to other countries within the next twelve months. Earlier this year, after a soft launch, Buyezee was launched in Germany.

The big e-commerce market will continue to grow in the future, and Buyezee is clearly aligned in an Buyezee eCommerce with Advertisingentirely new category in order to make it the leading company in this marketplace.

Buyezee is very focused on the internet, investors and entrepreneurs who with their own shops and services, can appeal to many segments of eCommerce and markets.  They do not have to exclusively appeal to traditional sales partners. Buyezee offers an e-commerce marketing plan based on B2B shop customers. In this form, this was previously only available to large corporations.

“Companies, that aren’t interested in our e-commerce marketing plan but want to use our global platform to make their services and offerings known to a global clientele, have the opportunity to earn additional money on their individual store. They have their own personal search engine where they can offer their customers special offers. However, if you want to use the e-commerce marketing plan for yourself, you can earn money with (depending on entry form): Private shops, services, search engine, views, clicks, sales, licensing, and of course through sales of the entire team and affiliated shops, with a payout of 70 percent on average and at up to 100 percent at the top.

“The most remarkable concept with the Buyezee business model is that it is a so-called support business that supports other networking companies. It is not focused on acquisitions, so no one has to leave his own business.” And even as a customer, everyone is welcome at Buyezee to book travels, flights and hotels at the best price.

How much time someone puts in a business, is left to that person. How much money is earned depends on which model is chosen.

Buyezee eCommerce Business ModelIn the extensive back office, partners can find marketing tools, training videos and valuable analytical and statistical tools that will help everyone build up their own company.

With any business opportunity, it is important to look at the size of the marketplace for your products and services PLUS potential future growth of that marketplace. With BUYEZEE™, you are building a business in the biggest and fastest growing marketplace (Currently worth $1.5 Trillion and estimated to grow to $2.3 Trillion within 4 years) – just a fraction of a percent could potentially see many BUYEZEE™ SHOP OWNERS & SHOPRENEURS joining the 1,000’s of people who have already become financially free!

This Buyezee business model allows one to enter into this business by choosing one of seven different packages, starting from free to higher levels. Full details and explanations of each level can be accessed by clicking the image below: