The Star Network 2017 Business Opportunity 

The Star Network 2017 Business Opportunity is now launching in the United States.  This short article is for the purpose of introducing this revolutionary business model, how it works,  and what it can mean to you if you are seeking a new refreshing program for building a business and earning immediate income, full time or part time.

The Star Network 2017 is a marketing arm of it’s parent company AiYellow.  AiYellow is an international high-tech advertising company with massive success doing business since 2007.  It hasAiYellow Presents Star Network 2016 over 50,000 active distributors and over 2,000,000+ advertisers are published in its state of the art directories. AiYellow is a High-tech Advertising platform known around the world with over 800+ offices operating in more than 120 countries. AiYellow is an International Powerhouse with a new and revolutionary program called “The Star Network, an incredible ground floor opportunity”.

The new Star network will be marketing an advertising product internationally in the form of a Super Yellow Ad-Pack for merchants or anyone with a business. The Super Yellow Ad-Pack is truly a unique product suite. It will provide businesses with the best advertising solution for the internet and smartphones at an unbelievable price. Trillions of dollars are spent each year on advertising. The business owner is faced with hundreds of options of advertising and often times is spending money on campaigns with no visible or trackable results. So where does the business owner spend their money to promote their business. The Star Network’s Super Yellow Ad-Pack will now be a solution with it’s All in One Super Yellow Ad-Pack!

The Super Yellow Ad-Pack includes a Standard AD, a Plus Ad, A Amaweb website, a DataClicks program, a mobile Application and search engine indexing on the Google search engine. Over 1,000,000 standard ads have been sold.  Details as to features and the benefits of the components of the Super Yellow Ad-Pack will be explained in later articles as well as on the Corporate website. Of all the features of the Super Yellow Ad-Pack, the most exciting feature is the cost to the business owner.  The pack is sold to the merchant for as low as $60.00 (US) per year. The #1 Advertising Solution for the internet and cell phones in the world for just $5.00 per month or 16 pennies per day.  Now this is a “No Brainer” for the business owner.

AiYellow Promotions with The Star Network 2016 Program

The Star Network 2017 Business Opportunity

So how does one become involved with this fantastic program and market this much needed product? The program is free to join, however to to earn money and participate in the networks benefits and bonuses requires one to become a Premium Member.  The memberships are at levels 3 star, 5 star and 10 star.  Entry level costs for these memberships are minimal and includes product that will pay for the small investment. Details as to the membership levels, the compensation, and how you can make money can be found at the subsequent videos by clicking on the  link below. This marketing opportunity is the evolution of a world wide success story where every member can earn exponentially!

The Star Network 2017 is now launched and now is the time to review its features, benefits and become involved. This opportunity was created on the basis of the abundance. We work in the internet advertising market where the businesses invest hundreds of billions of dollars per year, and our objective is to redistribute a part of this capital among families around the world. That objective is today a reality. Every day thousands of people like you make money with AiYellow. Gear yourself up to share this path with us.

You owe it to yourself to check out this revolutionary business opportunity. The Star Network 2017 and it’s parent company AiYellow is a high performance Trade Information Portal. It`s a fast and a simple way for consumers who look for a product or service. It’s the way of the future.  You can be part of it’s history.



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