Bluetooth Marketing with Royaltie Gem

What is Bluetooth Marketing?

Bluetooth Marketing is a term that is used to describe the sending of digital content to a mobile device via the Bluetooth frequency. Bluetooth Marketing with Royaltie Gem
The process starts with a push alert message (or permission request), that anyone with a Bluetooth-enabled device will receive.
Pretty much all Bluetooth enabled devices and smartphones can receive a Bluetooth signal in this way except iPhones, iPhones are out of scope for Bluetooth Marketing unless they have a pre-installed app.

Our all new royaltie gem enables you to broadcast over both frequencies simultaneously. Now you can send your message via Bluetooth to all Android phones within a radius of 100 meters, no matter where you are.


This emerging technology automates the customer acquisition process and reduces the cost of acquiring new leads and customers. This type of bluetooth marketing has been made so easy, you would be missing out on huge advantages for your business if you fail to integrate the royaltie gem into your marketing program. Watch short Video:

The only constant… IS CHANGE.

Think about that for a moment. Every year technology takes a giant leap forward. Thanks to Elon Musk of Tesla Motors, cars can now drive themselves. Steve Jobs gave us these mini handheld super computers affectionately called iPhones dwarfing the performance of the gargantuan room-sized computers of old. Even film cameras have been replaced by smartphone cameras with 12+ megapixels.
The way business owners market their goods and services must change as well if we intend on staying relevant in today’s fast paced environment. What worked 20 years ago doesn’t hold a candle to what savvy business owners and marketers of today do to drive new prospects and sales.
I want you to win in the future and the early adopters always seem to reap the biggest rewards of any new technology. I’m hard pressed to think of a business that can’t use one of these royaltie gem notification devices.  Click below for full details and start marketing the smart way with our new royaltie gem devices.

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