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ICAN GoMerchant Provides Residual Income.

ICAN GoMerchant Residual Income Opportunity Can one really earn a residual income as a ICan GoMerchant Representative?  I would like for you to spend some time and consider the ICAN GoMerchant Credit Card Processing business opportunity during your search for residual income opportunities.  The fact is, you are building a very strong ‘walk away residual income’ when […]

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Credit Card Processing For Small Business

Credit card processing for small business that is at the best rate and reliable is critical in today’s plastic and digital day and age. In today’s business world, you simply MUST have a way to easily accept payments from your customers! This capability will improve your business and cash flow. But many small businesses have trouble gaining acceptance […]

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The ICANGet2 Mobile Marketing App

ICANGet2 is here! Imagine you want to keep your members, customers, subscribers, parishioners, prospects, up-to-date on anything your business is doing or your organization is doing, special meetings, specials sales not available to the general public. Forget the old fashioned phone tree method of getting a hold of everybody, send them a text or push […]

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Get Free Virtual Business Card

Get Free Virtual Business Card & Win Apple iPad! Here is another free customer acquisition resource which when used properly makes it easy for your customers to contact you.  This resource is called a Virtual Business card activated by a QR code. This simple QR code, when scanned by your customers smartphone, loads your virtual […]

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Customer Acquisition Systems for Your Business

Customer Acquisition Systems for Your Business Customers are the life-blood of any business. It sounds cliché, but it’s true. Your business must have scalable, duplicatable web traffic systems that produce new, qualified customers from scratch to your business for consistent sustainable growth.  Here is an important fact to remember.  Your business needs a repeatable system and plan for […]

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