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Text Message Marketing and how it will Help Your Business

See How Text Message Marketing Can Help Your Business Having the ability to market to people’s mobile phones is more powerful than most people can imagine. While many small businesses and organizations may think that mobile marketing has nothing to do with them, it can’t be farther from the truth. Google says that one in every […]

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Grow Your Local Business with Mobile Push Notifications.

Grow Your Local Business with Push Notifications. Now it is possible to grow your business with the use of “push notifications”. In the recent 5-6 years or so local business owners have been buying expensive, custom mobile apps for their business just so they would be able to send push notifications to their customers. Push notifications […]

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QR Code (Quick Response) Benefits

Benefits of Using Quick Response (QR) Code Perhaps the most recognizable additions to mobile technology are QR codes; these are two dimensional bar codes that represent data viewable on mobile devices. They have been around for a while and were first used to identify different car specifications. Now, they are so robust that they can […]

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The Star Network 2017 Business Opportunity

The Star Network 2017 Business Opportunity  The Star Network 2017 Business Opportunity is now launching in the United States.  This short article is for the purpose of introducing this revolutionary business model, how it works,  and what it can mean to you if you are seeking a new refreshing program for building a business and earning […]

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Benefits of ICANGet2 Mobile App

Benefits of Having a ICANGet2 Mobile App Arguably, the ICANGet2 mobile app can be extremely powerful in the digital world of mobile usage.  However, many businesses have yet to consider a mobile app because they don’t think that it’s something that would benefit their business audience or because of the cost . They also don’t […]

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Mobile Website VS Mobile App

Mobile Marketing with Mobile Website or Mobile App? Mobile marketing has emerged as a customer acquisition method businesses can no longer ignore.  Many local businesses put in a significant amount of time, money, and effort into traditional marketing methods that are declining in effectiveness. As a result, they ignore new-age ways to help them compete […]

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