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Cash Back To Travel

How would you like to Book Your Trip. Enjoy Your Trip and Get Daily Cash Back!  While other companies are promoting discounts and loyalty points, we are now offering you an opportunity to receive real CASH BACK!  Our system is simple, easy to use and is completely free to use. Watch short video:  With our […]

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Try This Secret Hack for 8% Cash Back on Amazon

Amazon.com, Inc., commonly known as Amazon, is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company based in Seattle, Washington that was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994. Thanks to advancements, shopping has never been easier and more convenient. Amazon has large warehouses and shipping centers in place to get you what you want […]

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Buyezee Global eCommerce Shopping Search Engine.

New Buyezee Global eCommerce Shopping Search Engine Anyone looking online for the very best price for products and services worldwide now has a global search engine that makes this task easy, fun, saving money & time. This new eCommerce platform is called Buyezee. Buyezee also makes it possible for you to start your own online […]

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Build a Global e-Commerce Business.

Did you know that in the last 5 years 75% of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs made their fortunes by developing and running their own e-commerce business? So just imagine if you could own your very own e-commerce business, but without the huge financial investment normally required to start from scratch. Imagine if that online shop […]

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Engage & Acquire Customers with Bluetooth Proximity Marketing

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing is Engaging! Engaging and acquiring new customers in today’s marketplace with all the offers and noise is becoming harder and harder. The way we as business owners market our goods and services must change as well if we intend on staying relevant in today’s fast paced environment. What worked 20 years ago doesn’t […]

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Digital Mobile vCard Business Portal

  It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, or what your marketing budget is! You can easily and instantly benefit from providing your customers and prospects with a true downloadable Smart vCard Business Portal they carry on their smartphone at all times! Introducing the New Digital vCard Business Portal.   A Global Mobile Marketing […]

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Bluetooth Marketing with Royaltie Gem

What is Bluetooth Marketing? Bluetooth Marketing is a term that is used to describe the sending of digital content to a mobile device via the Bluetooth frequency. The process starts with a push alert message (or permission request), that anyone with a Bluetooth-enabled device will receive. Pretty much all Bluetooth enabled devices and smartphones can […]

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Proximity Marketing using Bluetooth Technology

Gone are the days when businesses could only rely on print, TV, and radio advertisements to drive customers into their business. Today’s shoppers expect more real time tailored messaging, with personalization that moves them to take action. Today’s new emerging bluetooth beacon technology can provide just that. New technology is available today that will trigger […]

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