Who Is Jack Patton?

 Jack Patton is a 21-year Sales and Marketing veteran, a Customer Acquisition Specialist, and a sales funnel strategist for local and global businesses. Jack is a Founding Partner in ICANetworkJack Patton and CEO and owner of the GBCNetwork. These networks provide new groundbreaking software, and “Customer Acquisition” systems for the 21st Century, assists business owners in acquiring more customers to improve & grow their business. Our clients are improving their online business footprint & presence by ensuring their business is found in cyberspace both mobile and desktop.  All this is being accomplished without having to break the “bank”. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, or what your marketing budget is,  your business can easily and instantly benefit from my services.

Back in the “old days,” if you were a local business, then your ONLY shot at running a successful company was to spend hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars on ridiculously expensive advertising in the Yellow Pages of your local phone book.

See, that was the only way for your customers to find you…

But today, that is no longer the case. In fact, the Yellow Pages are rarely used anymore by anyone. Instead, people have turned to searching the internet for everything their heart desires, and that includes not just finding “deals” for products online, but for all of their local needs too!

Instead of spending time leafing through their phone books, consumers are ever increasingly turning to sites like Yahoo, MSN, and Google® to find companies like plumbers, contractors, restaurants, hotels, salons, and so on and so on. So rather than sifting through dozens of entries in their Yellow Pages, they just Google® “plumber in sacramento” and bam!… They’ll end up doing business with one of the first listings they see on their results page.

If your company is not on the first page results of search engines for your community, then you need the services of Jack Patton, a Customer Acquisition Specialist .

Jack has worked in a number of private businesses and is a successful semi-retired Florida Real Estate Broker with over 25 years in the industry. Jack Patton understands “customer acquisition” for small business, the real estate and finance industry, and the development of teams.  Jack is currently looking for partners to form a team of “like minded” people for the advancement of  a balanced “Kalos Living”.  I can be contacted by clicking on the “Contact Page” above.

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